Director of Marketing and Client Services
Customized Market Research
Erlanger, KY

At Mindfield, we found the technical capabilities and experience found at larger suppliers, and the client service of a family owned firm. That’s not something you find in our industry much anymore and we value it.

Research Director
Full Service Market Research
Rochester, NY

The Mindfield team works as diligently as we do,and cares equally about delivering the best possible value to clients. Mindfield is equipped with the technology and the people needed to be not just a vendor, but a partner to help us get the job done.

I have always found the folks at Mindfield to be very responsive to our needs and just great people to work with.I appreciate the great lengths they take to deliver quality service, both in their research products and in building a relationship with us over the years. Their flexibility and dependability at crunch-time are unmatched.

Founder and CEO
Full Service Market Research
Cincinnati, OH

Mindfield has been a trusted and valued field partner for more than 30 years. As the data collection environment has changed, Mindfield has invested heavily in new technologies and security to meet the challenging requirements and complexities of the research profession.This gives me and my clients great assurances that our research is performed at the highest level and our data is secure.

Founder and President
Full Service Market Research
Winston Salem, NC

Our company used Mindfield for a large scale IHUT with multiple touch points. We achieved over 80% completion rate, which is incredible given that every respondent had to complete as many as four surveys over the span of a month! Working with them was seamless, from getting a bid through programming, launch, quota/sub quota control, and completion. I recommend them highly.

Managing Director
Full Service Market Research
Chicago, IL

Mindfield always comes through for us, a true partner. Mindfield steps up to the plate bringing value-added solutions to the research, especially when challenged with tricky samples,low incidence qualifications, sticky quotas, or regional limitations. Key strengths include flexibility, ability to execute against tight time frames, online reporting and quota management access.

Vice President
Marketing Sciences Division
Cincinnati, OH

My reputation with our clients is dependent on the suppliers we choose. I trust the research professionals at Mindfield to deliver accurate data from the correct sample of respondents, on budget and on time. That is what our clients expect of us.

Executive Director of Consumer
Sciences Corporate End User
New York, NY

I have worked with Mindfield for at least 10 years for both online studies and home use tests, utilizing online recruit and survey follow-up. Completion rates have always been high - I can honestly say that it could be upwards of 85%+.We have always worked together to ensure strong compliance and completion rates... and it's always been solid.

From a project perspective, Mindfield definitely takes a proactive approach to project management and relationship building. They provide creative and viable solutions to present certain questions in surveys, they consistently communicate and/or anticipate any problems and are armed with solutions. They always engage various members within their organization for my projects so all needs are met in a timely manner. Their attentiveness to clients is definitely one of their strong points.

I have worked with countless other online companies and based on my experience, I would consider the Mindfield survey capabilities and panel superior. I have had many different project needs that they have always been able to handle in some way or another. From a panel perspective, they do a great job of maintaining their panel and managing healthy attrition rates.

On a personal level, the team is fantastic to work with. Always responsive, stick to agreed upon timelines, and have an enormous amount of patience with the many additional requests I bombard them with (on a fairly regular basis!).I consider them not only a favored supplier, but a trusted partner.

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